SEO for 2017 – The Decay and Death of PBNs

Hello Everyone – I’ve cut a super-short “snapshot training” video for you on the ONE SINGLE BIGGEST change in our SEO 2017.

Yes, there are other changes, but this is the most significant – the Decay and Death of PBNs/Minisites?

See what I mean here:


After viewing this, see Part 2 – The Solution, in my next blog post here:


  • BenJudah Vangarde

    Reply Reply July 27, 2017

    Thanks for the great insight and content as always gentlemen! I wanted to ask a question, to ensure that I understand one aspect of this correctly. When we link with a PBN (in this case, your high quality links from PowerRanker)… to a second or third tier site, is THIS when we use money phrases? Example: I use your blog post service, then I send a link from Power Ranker with one of my money phrases to the guest blog post. Is this the idea? I have watched your videos advising the new link strategies, and they make sense, but I wanted to be sure about this one factor. ALSO, if this IS the time and place to use money phrases, should we still abide by some small ratio of money term links… and also send PBN/MiniSite links to tier 2 properties that are NOT money phrases? Thanks in advance!

    • Chris

      Reply Reply August 9, 2017

      You should only use your money phrase or phrases that include your money phrase or part of your money phrase to the percentages that we show in the anchor text balance guidelines document under video 4 of module 3 of the SBT training. So you actually use those phrases very sparingly. When you do, you want to ensure that they are on the 1st tier only of your most powerful link structures. You are best using a complex link structure that has your main money phrase and phrases, because in most cases, it is only safe to use your main money phrase once or twice. Same with money phrase included or part money phrases, so make sure you build those bigger link structures for those phrases. That will help you rank quicker and better.

      For upper tiers 2, 3 and 4, you use generic, long tail generic, brand & domain. The SALSA app actually tells you what anchor text to use when, so take a look at module 4 and get familiar with SALSA – It is a huge help

  • Graham Baylis

    Reply Reply May 30, 2017

    A great update and is something we have been doing for many months now, no direct PBN to our money sites. Instead we have been using other high quality sites and linking to them with our PBNs (just like you have now suggested).

    BUT, what about the links we created in the past and the links that PowerRanker provides. Will the old links give us a problem and should PowerRanker be used differently?



    • John

      Reply Reply May 31, 2017

      Hi Graham – thanks very much for your kind words. Yes we started teaching the fundamental approach of using the minisites/PBNs as a second tier last summer. with our 2016 Hybrid SEO in the members areas.

      As regards existing backlinks you have built on existing sites, there are several factors to consider: –
      1: If you are ranking fine and you have direct links from PBN’s / Power Ranker, then you don’t need to do anything
      2: If you have been direct linking and no matter what you do, you can’t get on page 1, then you could try removing the links from your PBN’s and use those PBN’s in your link structures
      3: It is more of a problem if the percentage of links are from home page links. If you have 1000 backlinks and only 5 home page links, that is not an issue. In fact, if you had 1000 links and 15 were Power Ranker, then still no problem.

      The issue is quantifying the problem if you are under a stealth penalty, because it could be any of the following that is the cause: –

      – Anchor text – too many money phrase / Part money / phrases that include a money keyword (this is the biggest problem)
      – Too many home page links. This is hard to quantify, but if more than 25% of your backlinks are from home page, that could be an issue because it is not natural. I am not saying 25% is the figure, because only Google knows
      – Link velocity, building too many links too quickly
      – Too high percentage of links only pointing to your money page (home page for example) and none to any other pages (this can be a problem depending on your site)

      Hope that helps!


  • Izak

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    Hi John, I am situated in South Africa. I am the online marketer for a very exclusive champagne that we ONLY want to sell in South Africa as the manufacturer can produce only 60,000 bottles per year. It makes no sense to focus on the international market. Now, the manufacturer DO NOT want to make their website an eCommerce website, but want me to focus exclusively on Social Media Marketing, and primarily on Facebook. I considered PBN but after seeing your comment on this, I am now in doubt. My 3 questions to you is this:
    1. How can I rank our Facebook page to page one in Google?
    2. What SEO tools should I consider that can help me to get us noticed BIG TIME.
    3. How can I create a sales funnel on Facebook so people can order direct from our Facebook page?

    Thank you very much,

    • John

      Reply Reply May 28, 2017

      Izak to rank a FB page you use pretty much the same techniques as for any page.

      YOu do want to use PBNs, detinitely, but as discussed in the above video, use them in link structures, not direct linking.

      With FB, I’ve no experience selling directly FROM a FB page. More typical is that you would promote the product on the FB page and then direct people from FB to a page on your clients website where they can buy.

      I don’t understand why your client would rather rank a FB page than his website. Then, have a subdomain with ecommmerce functions.

      Hope that helps,


  • Manuel Taningco

    Reply Reply May 28, 2017

    Thank you for this great information. Yes, I would like to learn more about this new structure using PBN’s. is there a software on using this technique?

    Thank you kindly,

    • John

      Reply Reply May 28, 2017

      Hi Manny – there is software in the Members area. It’s only for members though. If you are not a member, email support {at} and we can let you know when membership is re-opened (it’s close right now).

  • Brad

    Reply Reply May 27, 2017

    Like everything you folks do this is top rate.

    This just goes back to what I always say, you care more about helping others than you do money. You could just give us fluff like everyone else then let us drown but no you’re always there when things change to help us through the raging rushing google river.

    God bless you guys.

    • John

      Reply Reply May 28, 2017

      Thanks Brad!

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