In this webinar, We looked at the new Google algorithm update that is called “the Google page experience” update.

On the webinar, Chris mentioned that Google was launching its on the 31 May 2021. However, on Monday, Google announced that it was pushing the update back a couple of weeks.

In the webinar, Chris explains what the update was and what users can do to get their sites to become compliance with the upcoming update.

The update is basically how to make your website Core Web Vitals Compliant.

A couple of notes that we need to make in addition to the information in the webinar: –

  1. Chris mentioned about setting one of the plug-in settings to automatically convert images to next-generation WebP format. This is correct, however, if you are working on local based business websites and you are implementing geo-tagging, then you should not convert the images to WebP format because you could lose those tags
  2. If you have never optimized your images and you find that you may have uploaded huge image files to your site, you will need to optimize those manually. For example, if you have uploaded image files that are 12,000 pixels wide but your page is only 800 pixels wide, you should manually change those images and upload them to your sites pages.
  3. Also, if your theme is a poor quality coded theme, you may not be able to achieve acceptable results and you may need to consider changing your theme to make your site Core Web Vitals compliant.

The first step in getting your sites ready, is to follow the webinar and apply the steps that Chris teaches.




Resources Mentioned

Image Error Fixes & Optimization: ShortPixel

Render Blocking | CSS & Java Script Fixes: WPRocket

Google’s Core Web Vital’s Test Tool: Page Speed Insights

Download the script text file that our coder has written for the WPRocket so you can copy and paste it as Chris showed on the webinar: Download The Script