In this coaching call our guest Dino reveals how he has been using Facebook’s Bot Messenger & Lead Form Ads to generate leads on tap… Leads who will crawl over broken glass to buy your SEO and other services!

Please note: The first coaching video below is Part #1. You can find Part #2 is below the 1st video

Part #1: How to Land SEO Clients with Simple Facebook Ads


Part #2: How To Get An Unlimited Number Of Leads For Your Client This Week!

Watch part 2 of the training and find out how Dino gets highly targeted leads to his clients. The leads are pretty much instant. This will take your income and business to a whole new level.

  • It is a perfect up sell to any SEO business
  • It is ideal to run as a business in itself
  • Perfect business for the newbie – No website required necessarily

Note: This part 2 covers a similar introduction from Dino for the first 20 mins, so if you have seen this intro from training video #1, skip forward 20 mins in to the training


Although Dino’s special limited time pricing is now closed, the product is still available and highly recommended by Chris and I here.

If you want it go here…