In this webinar we cover 5 Ways To Get Backlinks That Work with an emphasis on Least Effort. All back links take effort to get and some take more than others, so we have tried to make these as effort friendly as possible.

At the start of the webinar we covered some interesting findings from a recent study we carried out regarding Google and the indexing. This same study applies to your backlink profile, so you may find this rather interesting.

In the webinar we provided some search strings that you can use in Google to find specific backlinking opportunities. These search strings can be found in the resources section underneath the video below.

One final thing about this training is that this does NOT change what we teach in SEO breakthrough. This webinar provides 5 methods that you can use to find tier 1 back links. These suggestions you can use in addition to the training in SEO breakthrough.



Resources Mentioned

Search Strings

Method #1
Search String: “powered by WordPress” + “your niche“

Method #2
Search String: Your Niche + inurl:links

Method #4
Search String #1: +university student bloggers