Video 1: Introduction to Setting Up a Private Network

An introduction to this important module. The module itself is really an introduction to Module 5 and Module 6.



Video 2: What Are PBNs, Mini Sites and Restored Expired Sites?

In this video, we introduce Mini Sites and Restored Expired Sites. We detail what they are and why they are important to set up and use as key ranking tools.



Video 3: The Processes Required to Set Up Your Private Networks

In this video we cover various places you can find expired domains and go through our opinion on the various sites. We also discuss the best hosting providers for your Mini Sites and Restored Expired Sites.


Mini Site Data Sheet [XLSX]

Domains Finding Tools
Expired Domains
Register Compass
Fresh Drop
Dom Cop
Moonsy Expired Domains
Recently Expired Domains
Juicy Domains

SEO Hosting
Host Nine

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