Video 1: Introduction to Creating a PBN Mini-Site Network

This module is all about the creation of your Mini Site network. This video introduces you to the module.



Video 2: Buying Aged Domains The Right Way

This video goes through the important processes you need to look for in an aged domain. This is an important video, so it is important to apply all the points mentioned here. Also, the metrics we provide are the minimum you should aim for. Higher metrics will enable you to have a more powerful Mini Site, so if you have money to spend, you should aim for higher metrics for this reason.


Criteria For Buying Aged Domains [PDF]
Aged Domain Check Sheet [XLSX]
Expired Domains


Video 3: Hosting Configuration

This video covers the hosting configuration process when using the HostNine hosting service. HostNine is the most popular choice of service, but that is because they are cheap. Their service is adequate, but if you have a higher budget, you should go for one of the other two service providers we recommend. If you do choose one of the other hosting companies, the setup is done by the host company.

With the other two hosting companies, there is more scope with these providers, and they provide a higher spec SEO hosting, but that is to be expected for the higher cost. As I say, HostNine is adequate for your mini site hosting.


Hosting Service Providers
HostNine Hosting Service

Other Hosting Providers
(These are higher quality and standard than HostNine but are also more costly)
Smart SEO Hosting


Video 4: Setting Custom Nameservers

This video shows you how to set your custom nameservers. We use HostNine as the example with the nameserver IP address, so if you are using a different host, you would use their nameservers.


Host Nine NameServer IP Addresses:

PLEASE NOTE: You Need To Send Your Host Support This Message When You Have Set Up Your Custom Nameservers.

When you change your nameservers, so that you have your own custom name servers set up like we show you in the video above, you should create one more step so as to hide your footprints. You will need to contact your host provider. Different hosts respond in different ways, but this is what you need to ask them. Send your host support an email requesting the following:

Hello Support

I have custom nameservers for my domain as I want a level of privacy. I would like to request that you change your local nameservers so that they match my custom nameservers. I realize that this is just cosmetic, but I still require this.

Can you please let me know when you have done this.

My customnameservers are:

Thank you.


Video 5: Changing Domain Contact Details

This video shows you how to create an alias name and address for your domain registration. This is an important part of the process for hiding your footprints. This is no different than a writer using a pen name for their book. It hides your identity and makes you private and also prevents all your domains pointing to you personally which, if you didn’t change the registration details, would be a footprint you really don’t want.


Alias Name & Address Generator


Video 6: Modifying Nameservers in the Host cPanel

This is another step to carry out to cover your footprints. Just follow the video for direction and apply the data below the video as shown in the video. This is based on using a HostNine server, but if you are using a different hosting company, you would apply their nameserver IP address details.


Host Nine NameServer IP Addresses:
TTL Setting: 14400


Video 7: The Mini Site Set Up

This video covers the set up and settings in the WordPress settings area. We discuss an important aspect of themes. We cover linking to your money site and teach about how Google indexes and attributes the level of power to the backlink from your Mini Site.

Video 8: Mini Site Plugins

In this video, we discuss the important plugins you should have on your Mini Sites to make the site work best for you and to make it look most natural which is essential for ensuring longevity in the Google index for your Mini Sites.



Simple Social Expandable Plugin [ZIP]

404 To Start WordPress Plugin
Yoast WordPress Plugin
Disable Comments Plugin
Spyder Spanker WordPress Plugin

The Protector Plugin

The Protector Plugin


Contact Us Plugins

Video 9: How To Use The Protector Plugin

The video below explains in detail how to use and set up The Protector Plugin.


Video 10: What A Mini Site Should Look Like

In this video we cover essential factors that no one else is talking about. It is factors like these that will keep your PBN Mini Sites indexed when everyone else is getting theirs deindexed as Google increases its ability on discovering PBN’s.


The Difference Between A PBN And A Mini Site [PDF]

Typical PBN Reference Sites Shown In The Video (How NOT To Do It):

Money Site Examples Of How Your Mini Sites Should Look:


Video 11: Ways to Give Your Mini Sites a Reason for Existence

There is a motive for every action in life, and this is true when creating websites. Google know this and they seek to discover the motive or reason behind a sites existence. “Why was this site created”? In this video we teach you how to answer that question so that you can camouflage your Mini Site. This video goes hand in hand with the previous video.

Example Site URL's Shown In The Video:

Banner Ad Monetized Sites

Lead Capture Site

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up

Email Optin Services


Video 12: Your Mini Site Content

In this video, we talk about the content you should add to your Mini Sites and what is acceptable and what is not. We also give you some tips about how to cut the article creation workload and still output amazing content.


Example Of Curated Content

Policy Generators
Privacy Policy Generator
Terms Of Use Policy Generator

Article Creation
High Quality Articles


Video 13: How Many Mini Sites Do I Need to Rank My Site?

In this video we let you know how to determine how many Mini Sites you need to have to rank your website. It is not an easy question to answer because it depends on your niche. The video below will help you understand this and provides a level of guidance.

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