Video 1: Introduction

This video introduces this important module.

Video 2: Hybrid SEO™

This video introduces the concept of Hybrid SEO™ and explains the factors that make this process so effective for ranking your money sites

Video 3: The Importance of NoFollow Links

In this video, we talk about the importance of NoFollow backlinks. Why you should have them and where you can get them.


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Top Video Sharing Sites [XLSX]
Flixpress Video Creation Platform

Here's a Sample Video We Created Using Flixpress:
[su_youtube_advanced url="" rel="no" fs="no"]

Actress Video Creation Gig
Whiteboard Video Creation Gig
Video Syndication Fiverr Gig To 40 Sites
DripRevolution Social Signals
Follow Like Social Signals

Video 4: NoFollow Links From Commenting & Infographics

In this video we take a look at 2 specific places where you can get free No Follow backlinks on high quality, high authority sites. We look at commenting which is an easy and effective way to get No Follow links. We show you how to find sought after EDU sites to get backlinks from that are in the same niche as yours. We also show you how to get a load of backlinks from just one infographic. Adopting this strategy is a simple and easy way to building your foundational No Follow link profile.


Commenting & Infographics [PDF]
Anchor Text Generator Software [ZIP]
Low Cost Infographic Distribution / Design Service

Video 5: The Hybrid SEO™ Level Strategies

This is an important video, and we reveal 4 different SEO Level strategies. These strategies are designed to provide maximum ranking power whilst ensuring the safest backlinking possible.


Hybrid SEO™ Level SEO Strategy Diagrams [PDF]

Video 6: The Importance of Guest Posts

In this video we cover what guest posts are and why we think guest posts are so important.

Video 7: Doing Guest Posts The Right Way

In this video, we show you how to do guest posts the RIGHT WAY, and that is key! So that they result in maximum traffic to your money site and so that they produce the most powerful backlinks for your money sites rankings. We show you how to find the highest quality and most powerful laser targeted guest post sites. This is an important video!


Guest Post Work Sheet [XLSX]

Download the Guest Post Work Sheet and use as shown in the video above.

We recently launched a done-for-you guest post service.  You can see links to access this service underneath Video 7 immediately below, or find further details under the Dashboard menu item “Done for You Services".

Video 8: Guest Posts - Making Contact

In this video, we show you the steps you should take when contacting the Guest Post site admin staff so that you get best response which you are going to need if they are going to say yes to you for writing an article on their site. We talk about which guest post sites are dangerous and why you need to avoid them.

We also going to show you where you can get all of your guest post articles written for you for a very low cost.


Guest Post: Making Initial Contact Email Template [DOCX]

Article Writing Service

To access our Done for You Guest Post Service, please select one of the 3 options here.  For further details on the service, see the video under the Dashboard menu item “Done for You Services”.

5 Guest Post Service Credits$247
10 Guest Post Service Credits$467

20 Guest Post Service Credits$897

Video 9: Setting Your Average Time On Site and Bounce Rate

In this video we use a service that enables us to be in control of the average time a person stays on your site and also the bounce rate. These are two ranking factors so for us to be able to set these factors in our favour is a good step. Also, this service is good for people that have or are building brand new websites, because this service enables you to get traffic from real people’s IP addresses that get registered in Google Analytics.


Traffic Stat Settings [PDF]

In this document we provide you with an indication of the traffic settings you should apply where possible with your traffic service. It is primarily tailored to a money site, however, its importance goes beyond that and we teach about using traffic to make your PBN Mini Site Network and Restored Expired Sites more effective and most importantly to avoid the NO TRAFFIC footprint that ALL other PBNs currently have.

Recommended Traffic Services
Specialist SEO Traffic Tool
Follow Like

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