Hosting for SEO – How to Turn the Headache into a Dream Solution

SEOers are well aware of the need to keep their sites “separate” in Google’s eyes.

What I mean is, it would be a bad thing to have a site you are trying to rank (a money site) on the same hosting as a Minisite (PBN) that you are using to rank it.  Google can see that the sites are related.

They will either discount the power which the minisite backlink may have had, and/or they may even deindex your minisite.

There are a number of solutions, including what is called “SEO Hosting.”  SEO hosting seeks to disguise the fact that all your PBNs are being hosted in the same account by offering different IP addresses (as well as something called custom nameservers) within the same account.

That way, Google can’t tell that your Minisites/PBNs are linked in any way to each other, or to your money site or client site that you are trying to rank.


And yes, it works just fine (if you pick the right SEO hosting service – some are of course better than others, see below).

Some marketers will tell you “SEO hosting doesn’t work.”  But that’s baloney.

All our rankings and those of most of our customers (in other words, thousands of websites ranked) are based on Minisites/PBNs built on SEO hosting services.  But you do need to choose a good SEO host that covers their footprints properly.

The Solutions and Our Recommendations

For years we’ve used “Hostnine” and “Smart SEO Hosting.”  Now, to be clear, Hostnine is not really an SEO hosting service.  It just happens to offer different IP addresses, and supports custom nameservers, within its regular “reseller” hosting account.  Hostnine remains the most cost effective option for hosting your Minisites/PBNs.

Smart SEO Host is also one of the best SEO hosting services out there – a lot more expensive though at around $2 per month for each website you host.

So these are the two that we have used and recommended for years now.

But There’s a Challenge…

But we have become increasingly frustrated with both these hosting providers.  Not with the SEO footprint aspect – they are still fine there.  But the speed and availability of their servers and of customer support.  They’re crap, frankly, both of them.  Significant downtimes and really rubbish support..  They don’t seem to care.

So I sound a little emotional on this?

Dead right I am!  It’s been so frustrating, and we are still getting significant downtime, and really slow website response.  These features are not necessarily going to have a negative effect on the backlinking power of your minisites/PBNs, unless Google happens to be crawling your site at a time when it is down, but it sure makes it frustrating trying work on your sites.

Slow, unresponsive and unreliable.

The Solution

Even better than an SEO hosting service would be to distribute your minisites/PBNs across multiple regular hosting accounts.  In other words, you’d need dozens of cheap, regular hosting accounts and you’d put one minisite or PBN on each one.

But it’s a nightmare to organize.  So to date we’ve never done it, and SEO hosting has worked fine for us.

It’s a nightmare, unless you use Easy Blog Networks.

Boy is this service good.  It’s heaven, basically.

You could say it’s the perfect solution…

No more expensive than SEO hosting, Easy Blog Networks run a superbly easy-to-use service.

Not only do they look after all the hosting, placing your sites on regular high quality mainstream hosting providers around the world, but they have an absolutely phenomenal automatic installation service.

Basically – you enter your domain name, site title, check off from a list of quality plugins, and click a button.  Easy Blog Networks does the full install for you.

No need to mess with IPs, no need to mess with custom nameservers.  A few clicks and you have a minister/PBN setup.

You can set up 10 minisites/PBNs with Easy Blog Networks in the time it would take you to do one on one of the other services. 

It’s great!

I’m really impressed.  I mean genuinely.  I’d heard of Easy Blog Networks before, but never realized what they offered until I was put in touch with them by one of my marketing colleagues.

Chris and I have been using it for about 6 weeks now.

We love it. We are going 100% over to them right now!

AND they’ll even transfer your sites from your existing hosting over to their far better service, absolutely FREE of charge.  That’s amazing, frankly, that they don’t charge for that.

But Easy Blog Networks is Closed…

Their service is so good, and so in demand, they are closed to new customers. L

Don’t worry – I got your back!

I’ve negotiated a backdoor limited time opportunity for Chris and me, and for you guys. Yippee!

I don’t know how long the EBN guys will allow us access this way, so if you are hosting minisites/PBNs or planning to set up minisites/PBNs, I recommend you jump in now while you have the chance.

Chris and I have just purchased another 100 blogs’ hosting from them last Friday.

This service is like no other out the.  Grab it while it’s open through my negotiated back door way in!  You can access them here:

All the best,

John and Chris


  • marcello

    Reply Reply March 15, 2018

    Hi John, this marketer Terry Kyle ( ) talk about the weakness about the “easy blog networks’ because this system left the footprint, what do you think this?

    • John

      Reply Reply March 15, 2018

      Hi Marcello I’m not familiar with that service. I’m not sure what he thinks are the footprints in EBN though. I think he’s making claims that are not justified, but I’ll look into it!

  • Wayne Bennett

    Reply Reply January 29, 2017

    Hi Chris and John…

    I have been a member of SEO Breakthrough/PowerRanker for a while now and never used any of my credits because my Facebook advertising account being shut down for no apparent reason.

    I have been reluctant to put any Adsense or products on 4 sites that I built in another program until a safe solution is found.

    Is Easy Blog Networks necessary after I run a PowerRanker campaign to one of my money sites like the one I’ve listed above or does it work with the PowerRanker system. I feel I’m ready to get started now.

    Thank you very much.


    Wayne Bennett

    • John

      Reply Reply February 23, 2017

      Hi Wayne – EBN is completely separate from PowerRanker. We do all the hosting for PowerRanker, but we suggest EBN for hosting your own minisites/PBNs. Whether you need to build your own PBNs or can just use PowerRanker depends on the competitiveness of the search phrases you are trying to rank for. For most of the Keywords our customers want to rank Guest posts and PowerRanker and the other backlinks the way we teach in Hybrid SEO are enough to rank 🙂

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