Your Ranking On Google Is Going To Change Starting This Month!

Starting this month (July), Google is to implement the biggest algorithm change since Penguin. This change they are rolling out can potentially wipe out your rankings as soon as the algorithm hits and has achieved full roll out.

The algorithm change is called Mobile First Index. Basically, it means Google is going to rank results according to the mobile version of your page / site. Prior to this, they were ranking according to the desktop version of your page / site.

OK, why might this be an issue?

Well there are a number of reasons, but in a nutshell, if your site is not optimized for mobile, you will lose rank or even not appear in Google depending on how bad your page / site is on mobile.

I am NOT talking about your site being Mobile Ready. That was something Google rolled out many months ago. I am talking about optimized for mobile.

You might be asking “How do I know if my site is optimized for mobile”? Well that is a good question, but basically, the answer is this: –

All Google is interested in is how well a page loads on mobile and if the text is readable without stretching the page (zooming in) or having to scroll across the screen, and most importantly, how fast the site loads on a mobile. Page / site load speed has now been elevated to the 3rd most important ranking factor

These are the characteristics that will determine rank or even index: –

  1. Responsive Design (This is how the site responds according to different screen sizes)
  2. Site load speed (This is a huge rank factor now).
  3. How easy it is to use the site on mobile
  4. Acceptable interstitial’s (where pop up’s and on page ads don’t take up too high a percentage of the mobile screen)

Good News!

The good news is that the website platform we use ourselves and recommend you get too, has all of this covered.  Dynamik is:

  1. Ready made responsive design
  2. The fastest load speed, most highly optmised site platform we know of
  3. Allows complete control over the site build so that you can ensure simple, easy use with correctly sized interstitials.

In conclusion, Dynamik is a no brainer for new or existing sites. If you have an existing site, you can simply transfer the content to the Dynamik platform, and new sites can be built as simply as you build any other WordPress site.

I can not stress how important it is to have Dynamik. This is faster than any other kind of site and will give you that ALL important edge where it meets every aspect of the Mobile First Index algorithm change. It not only meets it, but positions you in the front position ahead of your competition giving you an unfair ranking advantage.

Bad News 🙁

If you don’t already have Dynamik, unfortunately it is not currently available.

Dynamik is not for sale.  Chris Freeman, SEO Breakthrough member and professional SEOer (and, frankly, technical genius) built it for himself and has kindly made it available just to our membership.  Chris is not a marketer and does not sell it anywhere else.

We will periodically make it available to our members, when Chris Freeman has capacity, and we’ll be sure to let you all know when we do.

All the best,

Chris Cantell

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