4 Top SEO Butler SEO Services Analyzed


At SEO Breakthrough, we thought it was time to analyse one of the leading SEO service providers services, so Chris called up John from SEO Butler and asked if they could do a video call and go over the top 4 services that SEO Butler offer.

Social Signals

Now not all SEO services are alike. For example, take social signals. You should never get social signals from a Fiverr gig for example. They will not be from real people’s accounts, and they will look exceptionally spammy with no common theme. Do you think Google can’t recognize fake social signals like that. SEO Butlers social signals on the other hand are real social signals. John covers this in the video call in the above video.

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Guest Posts | Blogger Outreach

Guest posts are also a mine field. Sure you can get cheap guest posts out there, but the way things are going with Google is that they will likely devalue links from guest posts that don’t meet a Google criteria. That may already have happened. The safe way to proceed with guest post links is to get the very best links. You may pay more for these, but they will be worth it in the long run.

SEO Butlers guest posts are actually Blogger Outreach posts. There is a big difference potentially between guest posts and Blogger Outreach posts. We cover this in the video and SEO Butler carry out their Blogger Outreach in the very best, most professional manner. These are the steps they carry out before adding a specific site to their list of approved sites: –

  1. Email reach out to thousands of bloggers to ask if they could contribute quality content to their sites
  2. Determine authority of sites that agree positively to this request
  3. Determine the amount of traffic the site gets
  4. Determine the quality of the sites link profile

For a site to be considered for SEO Butlers Blogger Outreach Guest Post service, the sites must achieve a high-quality standing, and this information is displayed for you to see on the SEO Butler site.

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Money Site Content Writing

We all need content for our money sites. The problem is that either we don’t have the time to write or we can’t find a decent writer, or if we can find a decent writer, they are just too expensive. Most people’s solution to content writing services is to outsource to India or the Philippines. The thought is that they can speak English well in many cases, so they should be able to write good content. This is 99% inaccurate. Anyone that has tried to get content like this will most likely have received a “pidgin English” article. This is absolutely a NO GO for any money site. Money site content must be a top notch, well written, very readable article / content with good English grammar.

SEO Butlers content writing is written only by US and UK writers that are approved by SEO Butler. The standard is high, so you can be assured of a well written piece of content. You can order by depth of research required. This is a nice service they offer and it helps keep the cost down. The vide above explains this best, but in a nutshell, all content are written by the same quality writers, but you pay less if the content doesn’t require much research for example. You can choose from 3 packages. If your content requires the writer to do in depth research on a tricky subject for example, you can select level 5. If it is simple, level 3. If in between, level 4.

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For those doing local SEO, you will need to get your clients citations if you want to gain ranking in the Google My Business 3 Pack. As explained in the video above, there are 2 types of citation…..

Structured Citations

Unstructured Citations

Structured citations are those that appear in directories such as Yell.com. Unstructured citations are where the companies NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) are listed on a web page other than a directory. Structured citations are the best to have (marginally). The reason for this is because the directories can and do rank on Google and the local business can get traffic from those directories. SEO Butler carry out a great job, and recommend that you consistently have them add a few structured citations every month. This will produce good progressive opportunity to climb the 3 pack rankings.

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Other Services

There are other services provided by SEO Butler, but these are the services we recommend the most. You can enjoy a 10% discount off all services though by going to the following link and ordering any service you like: –


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