Our Service Discontinued

 Hi Everyone

There’s very little time left, and I should have fronted up with this at the start. I don’t know why I didn’t say so.

The reason I am encouraging you guys to get hold of PressCable…

(and there’s only a few hours left)

… is because we are closing down our own press release service.

You see, a few years ago we bought agency rights to the leading press release company, Marketers Media. We were then able to offer you this press release service, discounted.

Until everything changed a few weeks ago…

What changed?

Chris Cantell and I too another look at PressCable. We found that

  • it's distribution is BETTER than Marketers Media
  • it's cheaper, and...
  • the service (eg done for you) is way way way better!

So we are closing our press release agency service, and telling you to use PressCable!

And just to reiterate…

Press releases are an ESSENTIAL component of any SEO, local or other marketing in 2018!!!

Trust me on this, whether you use PressCable, Marketers Media or PRWeb, you need one or other.

And PressCable is not only the least expensive, it’s in many respects the best.

Just one problem…

The hugely discounted offer for Presscable closes in a few hours.

So, you need to act fast.

Check out this video with all the details:

In summary:
  1. You NEED high quality press releases for marketing and for SEO
  2. Press Cable is the best, and definitely best value
  3. The PressCable special closes tonight, Monday night

That’s about all I can say!

All the best,

John and Chris


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