NOTICE: Restored Expired Sites we call RES sites. These are the most powerful SEO assets you can have. If you are a Turn Key SEO Member you will have access to Phoenix. You will then be able to quickly build out these sites almost effortlessly.

As a Turn Key SEO Member, you should follow the teaching in this module regarding RES sites and NOT follow the training in Module 8. The reason for this is because things are different for Turn Key SEO Members and everything is much simpler.

Video 1: Introduction To Phoenix

In this video, we introduce RES sites, and in particular, the Phoenix software. We show you the way forward to create extremely powerful and safe sites that link back to your money site. RES sites are the most powerful and natural looking backlinks you can create, far more so than standard PBN Mini sites. We recommend these as your #1 tier 1 links


Phoenix Update February 2018

We have launched a major update to Phoenix in February 2018. The functionality remains the same however, we have made the filing of your RES sites far more user friendly. This will require a little bit of sorting for those of you that have created RES sites prior to Feb 2018 and this video shows you what you will need to do. It is simple and will only take a few minutes.


Video 2: Demonstration Of Phoenix Authority Site Restorer

This video is a demonstration of the Phoenix software. It takes you through the process of setting up a site to restore on the Phoenix Authority Site Restorer, right through to getting it loaded on to your server. Use this as an over the shoulder reference and for more in depth instruction, download the PDF titled "How To Use The Phoenix Software" under this video.

FTP Details You Need To Add For Uploading From Phoenix To Your Server

First of all, you will have to set up an account on your server and point the domain nameservers to your server before you can FTP upload the restored site to your server

FTP Address:       (This Is The IP Address The Domain Is Sitting On In Your Server)

FTP Port:              21

FTP Folder:           /public_html/

FTP Username:    (This Is The Username Of The Account This Domain Is Sitting On)

FTP Password:    (This Is The Password Of The Account This Domain Is Sitting On)


Click Here to Login to the Phoenix Software

PDF: How To Use The Phoenix Software:

You will see a PDF icon just under this text. Open it up or download it to find out in depth details of using the Phoenix software to it biggest potential. It covers essential aspects of restoration capture points and using the Web Editor so that you can add seamless sentences, paragraphs, images and even pages and how to add your anchor text that links back to your money site so that it looks natural and undetectable as an SEO’ed backlink.

Underneath the PDF button, you will see a buy button where you can purchase additional credits so that you can restore as many sites as you want to. We have kept the credit cost as low as possible so that they cover the cost of running the premium resources we have to pay for to several service providers.



Phoenix Credits

You will have 3 credits (allowing 3 site restorations) to use each and every month.  This is plenty for all users except agency-type users who are doing SEO as a service for others.  If you are a "power user" or agency and do need them, please purchase additional credits to restore as many sites as you want.

Doing it this way allows us to scale and price the service economically for the average user, while still allowing agencies/power users what they need if they want to purchase more!

Note: Using the Phoenix software, you are charged 1 credit per restored capture point. You can then upload to your server and edit when ever you like at no additional cost. In 99% of cases, there is no need to create multiple restore points to find out which is the best. The software will ensure that all the content that is available from is restored to your site. You just need to find the restore point that has the best and most complete home page and restore using that capture point.

Here is the button to access more credits if you are a power user and do need more:

NOTE: This is available only to members whose subscription (All Updates and SaaS Access member level) is active







Video 3: What To Look For Prior To Purchasing Your Aged Domains

This is an important video. When you purchase your domains, you also purchase "Domain Privacy" I cover this in the video about domain registration, but realize that many people may purchase domains before watch that video. The reason why it is best to add domain privacy is because it is an extra layer of anonymity.


Bulk Authority Checker
Screenshots – Free Domain History Image Capture Service
WhoIs Domain Tools
Way Back Machine


Our Aged Authority Domain Pool

We have thousands of aged domains with authority that we are giving you. All you have to do is register them. It s simple, just click on the button on the right and find the domains you want from our “Aged Authority Domains” page. Read the instructions on the page and then send us your domain order. Simple as that





Video 4: Finding More Domains

In this video you will find out how you can find more domains to add to Phoenix. 


Domain Auction Registrar
URL Profiler
WhoIs Domain Tools
Bulk Domain Authority Checker


Video 5: Registering The Domains

In this video we cover how you should register the domain. GoDaddy is the registrar we use to show the process. You may use a different registrar, and although the page layouts may be slightly different from registrar to registrar, the essential are the same


Fake Name Generator


Video 6: Hosting Your RES Sites

In this video we cover the hosting of your RES sites. Now you can host any RES site from Phoenix on any host that has CPanel. We have researched the best option for hosting your RES Sites, and the best and simplest service is from Bulk Buy Hosting. It is a low cost very high quality server package that is completely footprint free and it has CPanel which you have to have to host these sites.


Bulk Buy Hosting


Frequently Asked Questions

This list of FAQ’s will increase as we get more questions that are asked by several users

Q: Can I use or to host my Phoenix restored sites?
A: Yes. Both of these hosts offer Cpanel

Q: Can I use Easy Blog Networks to host my Phoenix restored sites?
A: No, they don’t have Cpanel

Q: How many credits do I get each month?
A: You get 3 credits each month added to your account each month. Basically, what happens is, we give you 3 credits. You can use those 3 credits and the following month you get 3 new credits to use. Any credits out of the 3 we give you that you have not used, expire at the end of the month. We then give you 3 new credits. If you have purchased additional credits. Those credits you have purchased NEVER expire. You can use those credits when ever you want. Furthermore, the software will always use the credits we provide you if you have any remaining. The software will only use any additional credits you have purchased in the event that you have used all the credits we have provided

Q: It looks like Phoenix has run out of credits how do I get more?
A: In this module just above Video 3, you will be able to see a buy button to purchase additional credits

Q: There is only 1 page of content on for the domain I have got. Should I just restore the 1 page or what should I do?
A: Your site needs to be at least 5 – 7 pages deep or Google may not index the site. It is exactly the same as any website. The less content means there is a lower chance of Google indexing the site. In this case, you can add additional pages and content with Phoenix in the Web Editor and simply write some content and copy and paste it to your new pages

Q: The FTP function is not working for me. How do I get the site on to my server?
A: If the FTP is not working, you will most likely have added wrong data in the project set up. This is not a problem. You can either edit the project details or download the file and upload manually to your server via an FTP client such as Filezilla

Q: In the link structures it says that I should add my link to my RES site when the link structure is complete. Do I have to do this or can I add it when I upload to my server?
A: You don’t have to wait, and you can add it before you build your link structures. The reason why it is better to wait until you have completed your link structure is because the page will increase in power and authority as the link structure is complete. It is slightly more beneficial to add your link to the RES site when the page has increased in metrics than it is to a page that has lower metrics and passes on link juice via the Do Follow link

Q: Will I get in to trouble by using the copyright content from
A: The content was created by the original webmaster. That content probably wasn’t copyright, but whether is was or not is not a problem. It is possible that the original webmaster may ask you to remove the content. This is unlikely, but possible. In such an event, you should remove the content and use the domain as a Mini Site, but it is unlikely, as I say that you will be asked to take down the content

Q: What if the original webmaster did not have rights to the use of images? How would I know and what should I do?
A: This is a very minimal risk, and it is something you won’t be able to find out. However, if you are concerned, you should replace images on the site with images you have sourced (through for example) by using the Web Editor and editing the images that way

Q: I want to avoid any chance of being penalized by Google for having too many home page links pointing at my money site. How can I deal with this within Phoenix?
A: It is true, that if you have too many home page backlinks, that could flag to Google that your site has an unnatural link profile. This is a common error many SEO’ers make when linking from an unnatural ratio of PBN’s V other forms of backlinks. What we recommend is that with some of your RES sites, inner link from the home page to an internal page, and then, from the internal page, link to your money sites. The inner linking will pass on 75% of the link juice coming to the home page, so the inner page will then have good metrics and your link profile will look far more natural which is what you should aim for

Q: How do I find out the FTP details to add to Phoenix so that I can upload the site to my server?
A: You should contact your host provider. They would be able to tell you

Q: I have uploaded the restored site to my server, but the site won’t open. It doesn’t work
A: It is likely that you haven’t set your account process up correctly. Make sure you have pointed your nameservers to your host, and failing that, you should contact your host

Q: I found a domain that has good metrics. The original site was a good site from a real company but when I look on or I see that the site was taken by a Chinese webmaster and it all looks very spammy, and other domains I found I could see that they ended up being used as PBN sites. Will this harm my web site if I use them as RES sites
A: So long as the link profile looks good and the anchor text links are about the site you have restored, then there is no problem regarding what the site used to be used for.

Q: None of the expired domains are indexed in Google. If I purchase the expired domains from your domain service to restore through Phoenix, will they get indexed in Google
A: The domains from our aged authority domain service are all expired domains. Most people that think of aged domains think of domains at auction. Those domains are expiring domains, and if you are going to buy an expiring domain, you should definitely make sure that it is indexed in Google before you buy. With Expired domains though, these are NEVER indexed in Google. The reason for this is because they have expired, and have gone back in to the pack ready so that any one can buy it on a first come first serve basis. There is no bidding with these domains. It is like buying a brand new domain, only these have powerful authority metrics. Expired domains get indexed in Google in the same way as a brand new domain does, and there is no issue with them not getting indexed