Video 1: Restoring Aged Domains – The Power Strategy

This video introduces the concept of restoring expired sites and how we turn those sites into first class backlink ranking machines.

Video 2: Finding Expired Domains In Your Niche

In this video we show you how to find domains that are in your niche. Now, your exact niche may actually be a sub sub niche. For example, your money niche may be fishing hooks, but that is not a niche. When we look for same niche, we are talking broad niche, so if your sub sub niche is fishing hooks, your sub niche would be fishing and your niche would be sport for example, so you would look for domains in the sub niche which would be fishing.


Go Daddy Auctions
Bulk Domain Authority Checker
URL Profiler

Video 3: Assessing The Expired Site Content

Before you purchase an expired domain, you need to ensure that there was good content on the site originally, and that there is sufficient content for the site to get the content indexed again. In this video, you will find out where to look for this content and how to assess it.


Expired Site Data Collection Sheet [XLSX]
Wayback Machine

Video 4: Host & Configuration

This video covers the hosting configuration process when using the HostNine hosting service. HostNine is the most popular choice of service, but that is because they are cheap. Their service is adequate, but if you have a higher budget, you should go for one of the other two service providers we recommend. If you do choose one of the other hosting companies, the setup is done by the host company.

With the other two hosting companies, there is more scope with these providers, and they provide a higher spec SEO hosting, but that is to be expected for the higher cost. As I say, HostNine is adequate for your mini site hosting.


Hosting Service Providers
HostNine Hosting Service

Other Hosting Providers
(These are higher quality and standard than HostNine but are also more costly)
Smart SEO Hosting

Video 5: Setting Custom Nameservers

This video shows you how to set your custom nameservers. We use HostNine as the example with the nameserver IP address, so if you are using a different host, you would use their nameservers.


Host Nine NameServer IP Addresses:

PLEASE NOTE: You Need To Send Your Host Support This Message When You Have Set Up Your Custom Nameservers.

When you change your nameservers, so that you have your own custom name servers set up like we show you in the video above, you should create one more step so as to hide your footprints. You will need to contact your host provider. Different hosts respond in different ways, but this is what you need to ask them. Send your host support an email requesting the following:

Hello Support

I have custom nameservers for my domain as I want a level of privacy. I would like to request that you change your local nameservers so that they match my custom nameservers. I realize that this is just cosmetic, but I still require this.

Can you please let me know when you have done this.

My customnameservers are:

Thank you.

Video 6: Domain Registration

In this video we show you the steps you should ideally take to get the domain registered with your domain host/provider such as GoDaddy.


Registration Contact Details

Video 7: Restoring The Expired Sites

This is an in depth video taking you through the exact process of restoring the site. It is an over the shoulder view where Chris demonstrates on a live example of a restored expired site.


Wayback Machine

Video 8: The Final Step

This is an important video. We cover the process and the order in which you need to apply the process that you need to apply so that you make your restored expired sites as powerful as they can be.


Anchor Text Generator Software [ZIP]


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