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As you will know from SEO Breakthrough training, driving traffic to your website is an important part of our strategy.  We wouldn’t say it is essential but it will definitely increase the ease with which you will rank.

Of course, you can generate that traffic naturally over time, but fortunately we can speed things up!  Services are available to crowd-source (shared-economy style!) real visitors to search Google and click on your results, driving click-thru and traffic to your site which Google tracks.

This crowd-based function is automated by apps resident on real users’ computers.

Up until this point in time, the best service for this purpose has been CrowdSearch, and we have used it for some years to great effect.  However, in recent months we’ve become familiar with a service that is head and shoulders better – and more effective.

SitePop is the new service we are now using.  We have a completely revised training which members can find under Step 2 called “Driving Up Your Google Rankings” in the members area.

SitePop is superior to Crowdsearch for a number of reasons:

SitePop Benefits vs Crowdsearch

In our experience, Crowdsearch doesn’t help increase ranking in Google. Site Pop on the other hand has a powerful ranking effect. We previously only recommended Crowdsearch for increasing the quality of your site’s bounce rate and to show traffic to allow backlinking without leaving a footprint.

Site Pop provides traffic from real peoples real devices in the top 6 English speaking countries. Crowdsearch uses Amazon Turk micro task outsourcing which typically results in traffic from irrelevant locations such as 3rd world countries and not the main English speaking countries.

Even more importantly, Site Pop utilizes multiple random devices to drive traffic – notably includiing mobile and tablet devices. Crowdsearch just uses desktop, which is far from natural today.

The multiple random devices of real people coming to your site from the Site Pop service in conjunction with the devices being in the target country & location is what makes Site Pop work so powerfully, where as Crowdsearch does not provide this and as a result, doesn’t work to rank a page or post that we can see.

Site Pop carries out a search on real peoples devices for the search term and scans a few Google pages for listings. It doesn’t click on any listing. Site Pop then adds the brand to the search. It then scans the Google listings and clciks on your listing and remains on your site navigating several pages. After a few minutes, it clicks on the contact us page, remains on it for a couple of minutes and then closes the tab. This tells Google that the customer found what they were looking for. This trains Google Rank Brain that your brand is the solution for that search term. Crowdsearch does not go in to this level by default and does not train Google Rank Brain to anywhere near the same level.

We just love SitePop!

SitePop Results

This sort of thing is what SitePop can do!  The search phrase is at the top of the graph, and the results are obvious!

It’s also fantastic to see our own members having great results!

These posts are from our Facebook group – see for yourself:

The How and Why of SitePop

The first thing this service does is it drives real traffic to your money site. The reason why you want to drive real traffic to your money site is because it is not natural for your site to get a load of backlinks but not have traffic. It is a footprint to Google that something is not right, so you need to avoid such footprints.

The other reason you want to use this service to drive this traffic to your money site is because this traffic is going to remain on your site and navigate to different pages on your site. Then, in random cases, the traffic will go to your contact us page and wait on that page for just over 1 minute. Then, it will close the session. This tells Google that the visitor got what they wanted. The end result will be a lower bounce rate and high click through rate which is a major ranking factor as far as Google is concerned. Also, a continuation of this quality traffic is a signal to Google Rank Brain that your website is getting very favorable signals, and if you have authority backlinking in place, Google will drive up your rankings.

Please be aware, that using this service is not an instant ranking. In fact, you may drop in rank temporarily. This is typical actually. We tend to see a drop in rank for 7 – 14 days or so, followed by a sharp increase in rank.

Now the fast increase in rank will be dependent on a couple of factors. For this service to work effectively, you will need to have the following in place: –

You site will need to be free from any algorithmic or manual penalty. It can be tricky to determine if your site is in algorithmic penalty. Manual penalties Google tells you about in the Google Search Console if you have set your site up there… which you should. If this doesn’t mean anything to you, visit YouTube and search for “how to set up your site in Google search console”.

The next thing you have to have set for this service to work effectively is your on page SEO. Your sites on page needs to be optimized. We teach how you do this in Step 1 in our SEO breakthrough training. Make sure you have optimized all the pages on your site so that they can perform as best they can.

The next thing that is required is to make sure you have good authority backlinks pointing to your site. So set up your link structures and get those RES sites set up and pointing to your site. Make sure that you have good inner linking in place on your site.

You need these 3 factors in place for the service to be effective. If you don’t, you may find that the service will not be as effective as you hopped.

The service works powerfully if you have these steps in place, so be mindful of that.


The other thing I want to say is that you should be using this service for at least the medium term. Medium term is at least 3 – 4 months. You should start to see rank change after 6 – 8 weeks depending on what you are up against, so stick with it.

If you are on a budget, you can do your SEO without SitePop.  If you want to save some time and rank faster, and higher, we recommend you use SitePop, just like we do.

You can access it here:


All the best

John and Chris

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