Beat Your Competitors Rankings with One Change

Hi Everyone

I’d like to show you a short video case study which Chris Cantell made recently – showing just how insanely powerful for ranking is this one thing:


Chris and I have been teaching the importance of making your page hyper relevant for a couple of year now, in our webinars.  Importance which, as you will see from this video, cannot be underestimated.

In short, if you have the right relevance, you will outrank even massive authority competing sites!!!

…as you’ll see in the video.

How is it that we know how to make our pages relevant?

You see, we’ve studied Google’s patents.  This information comes right out of one of their patent applications.

Patent information is publicly available, and gives us deep insight right into the heart of the Google algorithm.

The rest of the industry is finally beginning to talk about this.

They seem to have named it by the curious acronym “TF IDF” (which stands for term frequency-inverse document frequency – it’s a name that speaks of the inclusion of relevant terms, words and phrases, in your page).

Fortunately, those of you who have followed us for a while or seen our webinars know exactly how to achieve relevance, and those of you in SEO Breakthrough have our relevant keyword master tool to automate the process of harvesting these relevant words and phrases from the internet!

Anyway, have a look at this video, it’s very informative.  I think you’ll be blown away by the comparison between these sites:

All the best

John Pearce and Chris Cantell


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