SEO for 2017 – The Decay and Death of PBNs

Hello Everyone – I’ve cut a super-short “snapshot training” video for you on the ONE SINGLE BIGGEST change in our SEO 2017. Yes, there are other changes, but this is the most significant – the Decay and Death of PBNs/Minisites? See what I mean here:   After viewing this, see Part 2 – The Solution,…

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Hosting for SEO – How to Turn the Headache into a Dream Solution

SEOers are well aware of the need to keep their sites “separate” in Google’s eyes. What I mean is, it would be a bad thing to have a site you are trying to rank (a money site) on the same hosting as a Minisite (PBN) that you are using to rank it.  Google can see…

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Secrets of Inner Linking Power

How to do a Powerful SEO Campaign to an Inner page without doing anything? Chris and I wanted to cover some important info on inner linking (that is, links between different pages on the same domain). Chris has done a video for you (below). Inner linking is a really important and often overlooked area of…

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How To Rank Your Site With Googles RankBrain Algorithm


On the 26th October 2015, Google part launched a brand new algorithm. They called it RankBrain. This new algorithm was not implemented in full, but across 15% of search queries. Google wanted to test this thing out before it rolled it out across all search queries. In June 2016, Google was happy with RankBrain and…

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